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Today marks seven years of hard work, dedication, self doubt and self belief. If you speak to any entrepreneur they will most likely tell you about how much they love owning their own company and building something from the ground up, but along side that they will also tell you about the long hours and constant tears that went into building that thing that they love. Because of this, business milestones mean so much.

In the last seven years, our founder Kate Bell has taken the company from a concept that she identified whilst pregnant with her daughter, through design, prototype and in to the market. She taught herself everything there is to know about zips, technical fabric and baby product testing. From this knowledge and with support from the people she loves the most, she has built Zip Us In year on year to where it is today. Bringing out new products to give parents an option to help reduce their contribution to waste generated by fast fashion – a primary focus for the company.

The panels themselves have been designed so that whether you are hiking in the latest outdoor gear or popping to the shops in a favourite coat, the panel is compatible. Wind proof and water proof whilst still breathable and certified to be used around babies, it’s so so much more than a piece of fabric with zips. It’s the culmination of years of hard work and investment.

Today, there are over 30,000 panels worldwide and Zip Us In products can be found online as well as in large retailers and smaller independent stores. Delivering a solution to parents around the globe. Want to stay confident in clothes you love whilst pregnant – Zip Us In. Want to adapt the technical outdoor jacket you invested in – Zip Us In. Want to extend coats you love and avoid fast fashion – Zip Us In.

Kate is dedicated to continuing to expand the company and with her creativity and passion, we can’t wait to see what the next seven years holds for our well loved and innovitive brand.

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