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With a mission to reduce fabric wastage, Zip Us In’s patented universal jacket expander panel enables customers to expand the jacket they love through pregnancy and when babywearing. With 30,000 products sold, They are now fundraising to launch an entire range of innovative, clothing solutions.


Fits me has revealed that a woman’s dress size can change up to a staggering 31 times in a lifetime. With each change, there’s a need for new clothing, so the demand for environmentally damaging short term fashion continues to grow.

Zip Us In is reducing fabric wastage, bringing innovation to the fashion industry with clever, multifunctional, and adaptable clothing solutions. 

Founded in 2013, Kate Bell couldn’t find a solution to fasten her jacket around her growing baby bump. To solve this problem we developed a jacket expander panel, enabling customers to extend outerwear throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Having bootstrapped for 5 years before completing our first investment raise in 2019 – we have a patent and design protection, and have sold over 30k products. Having been listed online via Amazon, and in store inc. Boots & Go Outdoors, we are now looking to scale to launch a range of sustainable, high quality clothing adaptable to different body shapes.

With over 600,000 UK births a year, the maternity wear market is currently worth over £7.5 billion, a number that is expected to reach £10 million in 2025. The sustainable fashion industry is expected to grow £7.16 billion in 2025, and £11.07 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 9.1%.

With this fundraising, we plan to launch a range of new products, while continuing to expand our current distribution network into Asia-Pacific.


Kate Bell – Founder

Kate has over 18 years’ experience of running her own marketing agency. She designed the jacket expander panel in 2014. Kate was awarded Barclays South Entrepreneur of the year in 2017, VentureFest Souths Innovator of the Year in 2019 and noted on the Business Games Changers list of the UK’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs in 2020. 

Daniel (Gordon) Habel – Non-Executive Director

Daniel has a wealth of retail experience having run a chain of furniture stores for 40 years. As our first investor, Daniel saw the potential in Zip Us In and has supported the brand since 2019.

Katie Allen – Marketing Manager

Katie has successfully built our social media following over the past 7 years, creating engaging content and building our brand army.

Will Martin – Web Designer & Technical Support

Will has created our bespoke website with the customer in mind. His creative abilities and advanced technical knowledge has enabled us to better understand our customers and improve their shopping experience. 

Adam Pritchard – Accountant

Much more than just our numbers guy, Adam supports the company with inventory planning, cashflow forecasting and helps to ensure our path to success is financially sound.


Ever evolving, clever clothing designed to fit you for a lifetime, however your body may change.

Launching In 2022