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Are you a first time Mum?

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The prospect of being a first time mum can be daunting, there is so much information to take in and so many different things to consider. You no doubt have some friends who have found the experience to be a complete breeze, and other friends who nearly put you off having children all together!

However, the likelihood is that by worrying you are under prepared you will actually find that you are more than equipped for the situation. If anything crops up that you haven’t accounted for, at that point you will just take it in your stride, but just in case we have pulled together our team experience and put together a few tips to help and reassure you.

Trust your instincts

Some of the best advice we can give is to trust your instincts and this is true right through pregnancy as well as postnatal. Sometimes this may be a little harder for others, and sometimes we just need a push in the right direction, but don’t panic! It’ll take some time to adjust to a new routine and taking some time to figure out what your baby needs won’t happen overnight, but it will be very rewarding.

What is more scary – the prep, the birth or the baby?!

Every mothers experience is different, and depending on each person a different aspect of becoming a mum will be the most challenging. One of the most common topics that crops up when preparing to have a child is the birth. Again this is unique to everyone and many women will tell you that even with the most comprehensive birth plan – you probably won’t stick to it! So with that in mind, one of the best things we can advise is to try and stay relaxed about it. Your baby will have their own intentions on how they plan on coming into the world and the doctors will help them along with a magnificent effort from you! If you like a plan, maybe try and plan for multiple scenarios (with/without pain relief, birthing pool etc) just so that you know if you can’t follow your birthing plan exactly then you know roughly what will be happening next.

Cut yourself some slack

During pregnancy your body will be tested in new ways and you will be experiencing pains and feelings you’ve never encountered before – not to mention the frain bog (I mean brain fog!) and fatigue. Once your baby has arrived you will be even more tired and tested, with the baby brain persisting. This is all a huge amount to ask from yourself, and it is a lot to deal with. There is a huge amount of pressure to bounce back and manage everything, but you need to remember that a lot of these ideals are set by people who have round the clock help – so cut yourself some slack and don’t try to stand by someone else’s standards.

Get your partner involved

For some it’s easier to bond with your baby and establish that connection, particularly if you have carried them through pregnancy; and it can be challenging for your partner to establish the same bond. One thing that is supported by research, is for your partner and baby to have skin-to-skin contact early on. This is also one of the major benefits of babywearing – helping to strengthen your bond.

What has Zip Us In got to do with this?

Here at Zip Us In, we’re always looking for things that make it easier for parents and our products can be an ideal addition when preparing for your baby. By using one of our jacket extender panels throughout pregnancy, you can stay body confident and wearing your favourite coats, rather than having to buy a fast fashion jacket which you will only use for a short period of time. You can continue to wear your coats with a panel once your little one has arrived and help keep them close when babywearing for that all important bonding. From our expander panels and accessories to our brand new products being launched in 2022, we keep first time mums and experienced parents in mind.

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