In February 2013 on a visit to Weymouth, I discovered that my vast belly would no longer fit in to my lovely jacket. My choice was to either invest in a maternity coat or try and make it through the final 3 months with what I had. With so many other things to buy for the new arrival, I went with the second option. It was on this day that I mentioned to my husband, that somewhere in the big wide world must be an item that can just expand my own jacket. It seemed like an obvious product to me, that surely someone must have invented before now. A google search was fruitless and instantly my creative mind started ticking over. A few doodles took place and then before I knew it, we had a new baby and life was crazy!

I was keen to get out walking again and our newest family member was wrapped in to a sling to join me, although it could often be quite a work up. Getting the baby into a coat, then into the slightly complicated wrap carrier before putting on my own coat was just half the battle. When I got to the nice warm post office, the sleeping baby had to come out for her coat to be removed and I had to undo the carrier to be able to take off my own coat. I thought back to my idea about extending my own jacket and now this potential item had even more use! With the help of my Mum, we knocked up a sample which consisted of a panel of waterproof soft-shell that I could zip straight in to my own jacket. This useful item not only become essential to me, but I was often stopped by other parents when using it to ask where I had purchased it from. The Entrepreneur in me surfaced from beneath the baby brain and I got to work. My panel design was submitted for a patent and I found just the right person to start producing my Zip Us In panels to order.

Just 5 years on and the award winning Zip Us In Jacket Expander panels are available world wide. Customers say our simple weather proof panels are a simple and effective alternative to a maternity coat and an absolute must when babywearing.